Gateway Healing Rooms

 The Healing Rooms are a place where you can come to get prayer from anointed men and women of God in a private and confidential environment. There are over 3000 healing rooms in 73 countries, and 419 in the USA.

Here at Gateway, we have been in progress since June 2002. We have a team of experienced, gifted and anointed members. We frequently receive awesome testimonies of God's miraculous Healing Power.  All healing room sessions are CONFIDENTIAL & FREE.

We are open every Saturday from 10:00am - 12:00pm, upstairs in the meeting rooms above our main sanctuary.

You may contact the  directors at the email below for any questions:
Gene and Rosemary Bertolini -

If you are a Gateway member and you would like to know more about our Healing Room Training please contact the directors at the email above. Our next training will take place on November 29, 2014 from 8am to 5pm.

For I will Restore Health to you and Heal you of your wounds, says the LORD. Jeremiah 30:17
Then your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, and righteousness shall go before you; The glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.
Isaiah 58:8





Lives Changed.....  

Below you will see a few testimonies of how God has transformed lives.

Read them and be encouraged... if you have a story of your own , email the Healing Room directors  and we'll post it: 

Read and be blessed....

March 2015

A few months ago I wasn’t feeling myself and I had gone to my ob-gyn to get an exam to find out what was happening.  The doctor did an internal exam and right away felt a mass on my left side.  She ordered an ultra sound to be done right away and scheduled it for the next Wednesday.  My brother who works at the healing rooms suggested that I attend on Saturday morning for prayer. I went in and filled out a form for the healing rooms, but didn’t put why I was there.  One of the team members praying over the paper experienced a pain in her lower left side.  She shared this with the other members of the team.  When I entered the room for prayer and shared with the team where my pain was, this confirmed to the team that one of our team members had received a word of knowledge from the Lord.  I received more prayer a day before the ultrasound.  On Wednesday morning when the ultrasound was done there was nothing on my left hand side, and the pain had subsided. 

March 2015

I received prayer for my eye and pain on the right side of my body. My eye sight improved and the pain went down from a level 10 to a level 2.  Praise God!! (SK)

February 2015

On January 17, 2015 I went to the Healing Room at Gateway Christian Fellowship to get prayer for my sister. The word that came forth is that “there is not a spirit of death over your family”. Your sister will be fine. She will go through three (3) times of testing for this diagnosis. “God is strengthening her and calming her to help her through all the testing processes.  As we were waiting for my sister's surgery to take place, we kept reminding ourselves of the word that came forth on January 17th in the Healing Rooms.  My sister who lives in Boston, Massachusetts went in to have major surgery on her kidney. The doctor had previously seen a huge white growth on the kidney and felt that it was cancerous according to the testing.  There were also two (2) cysts that appeared to be cancerous.  The doctor showed the picture of the huge white growth and cysts to my sister so that she could understand the urgency.  The doctor’s plan was to remove the huge white growth, remove the cysts and put two (2) stents in the kidney. She had been in a lot pain, but she continued to go to work every day telling everyone about Jesus. People on her job, and anyone else who knows her, knows that when they have any kind of need, my sister will pray with, and for them and help them if she can.  When the doctors operated today, they found that the kidney looked normal. No huge white growth was found. The two (2) small cysts were removed and sent for further testing.  The biggest problem that turned up was a blockage in the bladder which had to be scraped and the hole had to be opened.  The style of surgery that was originally planned where the stomach would have to be cut wasn’t done.  Instead, they did the surgery from within by placing a tube down her throat and in the rectum.  Originally, my sister was told that she would need months of recovery time. That quickly turned to three (3) weeks.  Also, her son who didn’t seem to have any interest in God called her last night and prayed an awesome prayer with her.  My sister has to return to the surgeon in three (3) months for a follow-up visit. Again, God has answered our prayers.  We continue to praise God for His mercy, grace and love. (LD)

February 2014

I wanted to share a praise report by my good friend who came to the healing rooms for prayer.  She is all done with her chemo and had her first full-body scan to check for any cancer spots.  Results came back nice and clean!  No signs of cancer!! God is truly amazing!  God is good! (S)

November 2014

I had a rash on my leg for 4 months that would not heal. Nothing the Doctor gave me would get rid of it. I came for prayer in the healing rooms and in 2 weeks my leg was healed!  Thank you God!!!  (DR)

October 2014

I would like to thank God for answered prayer.  I was on acid reflux medication for years. I had an endoscopy done to diagnose the problem.  I came to the healing rooms and received prayer. I started taking manuka honey to help me.  It did, and my Doctor told me I needed to get off the acid reflux medication, but I was afraid.  Praise God today I am not on any medication, and only using the honey when I want to, which is once a day compared to 4 times a day!  PRAISE GOD!!!  (K)

September 2014

I received prayer for an excruciating sciatica of left hip and leg. I was unable to sit or stand. After prayer the pain was gone!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!   (YA)

September 2014

A lady came for prayer who had been given a report that her blood work came back positive for leukemia. She received prayer from the Healing rooms and PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!! the following week she returned and stated that after further testing and blood work, there was now no signs of leukemia.Thank you Jesus! (RB)

August 2014

I received prayer at the Healing Rooms for a painful sciatica of left hip. After prayer the pain was gone; even after sitting and standing up (which was hard to do without experiencing pain) I was pain free!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!   (RW)

July 2014

A young man was unable to come to the healing rooms because of his health issues.  He had received a prior diagnosis of brain tumors, one of which was cancerous.  He was scheduled for surgery the following Wednesday.  A team from the healing rooms prayed with him via FaceTime. God is so amazing the team not only got the chance to pray for him before surgery but they also had the opportunity to lead him in prayer to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior!   Prior to surgery he had been told that he would  lose vision in his left eye because of the position  of the tumor, and would also develop weakness on the left side of his body which might result in hemiparesis (lack of movement on the left side). The Doctors were shocked to find that his tumor was the size of an orange behind his right eye all the way back to his ear then towards midline of his hemisphere moving it over significantly. PRAISE GOD!!! JEHOVAH RAPHA  intervened and the young man's vision remained perfect after surgery.  No loss of vision and no weakness or deficits on the left side of his body. (NM)

July 2014

A woman came in for prayer for increased anxiety. She received the Lord and was healed of her anxiety. She came in sad and left full the joy of the Lord. (RB)

 November 2013

I have been delivered from rheumatoid arthritis! Praise God!  My Doctor had prescribed steroids but I had an allergic reaction.  To me that meant the Lord didn’t want me to remain on them. I received prayer and the pain, inflammation and swollen joints have all disappeared never to return! Praise God!! (MJ)

October 2013

I am on the Healing Room team at Gateway Christian Fellowship and have been receiving prayer for a recurrent upper right cheek skin lesion.  Praise God!!! I received my healing! There is no sign of the lesion and no scarring either!  Thank you Jesus for this mighty testimony. (MZ)

June 2013

In June I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. My mother’s friend, recommended I come to get prayer because I had recently injured my leg while running, and I was about to attend a three month law enforcement academy. I was concerned the training would aggravate the injury to the point where I would have to drop out of the academy and get reassigned to the next class. I was very concerned and downright petrified! This was a job I had been waiting for, for 5 years and, I had taken a risk by already quitting my previous job.  Three ladies on the team prayed for me, and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come over me in such a way that I had not experienced in years!  Well I am happy to say that I made it through the academy without any problems with my leg. Although I was not the fastest, I was able to complete all the training. I love the new job and it provides me all types of new challenges on a daily basis.  Thank you Lord! (EH)

April 2013

In April my friend brought me to the healing rooms for prayer.  I was diagnosed with Leukemia, and was at a low point.  The cancer was spreading to other areas of my body. I couldn’t eat, was in a lot of pain and was extremely fatigued.  The doctors wanted to put me on chemotherapy again, but after my prayer session, I was completely free of pain, was able to eat and returned to work full time.  Praise God!!! (SG)

March 2013

I was here two weeks ago, and received prayer from the Healing Room team.  After they prayed, I felt better and had more energy. Everybody at my church the next day said that I looked very well. On the following Monday, during my morning time of prayer and worship, I suddenly got this strong urge to skip to the music. I hadn't done that in a long time!! I run around without holding onto anything for support!!!   I had to drive my son to work in the morning. I would generally refuse to drive at night because the lights from oncoming cars really bothered my eyes.  That night as I drove I noticed that the lights were not bothering me at all and I could see the road clearly! Thank you Lord for healing and all that You are doing! (NB)

March 2013

I came to the Healing Room for prayer for my left shoulder this past summer.  I went to my regular doctor who sent me for an x-ray.  The x-ray showed my shoulder was fine, but I was in a lot of pain and could not lift my left arm up.  I was then referred to an orthopedic doctor. I was told I had tendonitis of the bicep muscle.  The treatment was a cortisone shot, which I refused.  My son said to me, "You have Jesus and He can heal you." So I continued to pray for healing and came to the Healing Room a few times.  My shoulder feels good now and I can lift my arm up for the first time in many months.  Before my healing, I was in constant pain and had trouble even getting dressed in the morning. Now and then, if I feel any pain when straining, I just pray, and it almost feels like there is ice on my shoulder and the pain disappears. Thank you Lord for healing. (JD)

February 2013

Saturday morning I awoke around 8.30am and put two drops of medicine in my left eye. Both drops resulted in agonizing pain that lasted forever.  The pain was coming from a lesion on the eyeball.  It was being treated by an ophthalmologist who inserted a temporary contact lens over the lesion to help the eye heal.  Around 11.30am the same day, my wife volunteered to put two more drops into my eye. Before using the drops she noticed that the contact lens had come out of the eye and was on my cheek. I immediately panicked at the thought of how painful it was going to be to have the eye drops in my eye with no protection from the contact lens.  After some deliberation I gathered enough courage to have the drops put in my eye.   Much to my surprise, the first drop brought neither pain nor discomfort!  Five minutes later when the second drop was put in my eye there was no pain, not even any slight discomfort!!!   Where did all the miserable pain go?   Then I remembered!! The Saturday morning Healing Room team was praying for my healing.  I received the healing they had asked God for me!  I am so grateful that God HEALED me!  The following Monday afternoon, I had a follow-up appoint with the ophthalmologist who looked into the eye and said, "the lesion was gone!! You are completely healed! Stop taking both medications."  Praise God my Healer! (GH)

May 2012

My mom Kathleen was diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2011. It was there since 2007 however was not diagnosed correctly. I came to Healing rooms to pray for her several times over the past several years. Different team members prayed for her. At times she had given up hope. I did what I learned from you- spoke life over her and laid hands on and prayed for her. She would not come for prayer herself. They found nodes in her lungs also. She was a smoker for years. Last week she had a PET scan following 18 rounds of chemo. Her PET scan showed she is cured. All nodes including the ones in her lungs are GONE!  Praise GOD our Savior and our Healer! (KAT)

April 2012

In April last year, I came to the Healing Room for prayer for a specific situation. The Holy Spirit led the intercessors, though, to pray for my knees/lower back, as I have struggled with osteo-arthritis in my knees; and, muscle spasms in my lower back, for many years.  The osteo-arthritis was quite debilitating, at times. I had a difficult time climbing stairs and had major swelling due to the inflammation. Not any more, though. My back, also, has been healed; and, I have not had a flare-up since.  I continue to believe for restoration for other areas of my life also. May the Lord continue to bless and protect the dedicated women and men who have submitted themselves to the call of God as intercessors; and, may He continue to be glorified through this healing ministry. (JRD)

April 2012

Thank you all those who prayed for my painful knees on Saturday.  The pain was so bad that I almost didn't show up to pray  because I wasn't sure that I would be able to climb the stairs. However I went anyway.  Once the prayer warriors began to pray for my healing, a wonderful warmth spread over my entire body. I knew that I knew, that I was being healed.  By the time I reached my car only a twinge of the former pain reminded me that I had suffered splintering pain just a short while ago.  When I got home, I got out of the car and walked up the stairs and into the house.  Then I realized that ALL the pain had left and it has never returned!!!  By the prayers of God's servants and the grace of God I was completely healed. (GH)

March 2012

My friend brought me over to the healing rooms in February for prayer.  My spirit was in need of healing, because i was under so much financial stress and was consumed with anxiety.  The prayer time was amazing, and I left feeling refreshed in my spirit.  One of my prayer requests was for a fulltime job in accounting.  I had been job-hunting for many months with no success, and I was filled with so much anxiety about not having a job. That afternoon, after I got home from the healing rooms, I checked my voicemail on my cell.  There was a message from a company I had applied to many months earlier, inviting me in for an interview! Well, a week after that call, I got the job!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! (KB)

March 2012

I had trouble breathing, (it started last Fall), and for 6 months I had been suffering from continuous heartburn.  My throat became very scratchy, and I began to lose my voice.  I was placed on prescription medication, but my symptoms only got worse.  My Doctor offered me more prescription medication which I declined. I decided to visit the healing room for prayer for my esophagus. I was asking God to miraculously heal me. I had an endoscopy done, and  was diagnosed with Barretts esophagus (erosion of the lining of the esophagus by stomach acid).  2 biopsies were done and the results came back normal!!   I am no longer taking prescription medication, and I am feeling better!! I praise God for my healing! (KT)

February 2012

A young man came to the healing room for prayer for his side, which he had injured during a hockey match.  Because of his injury, he had to sit out a couple of matches.  Right after he left the healing rooms, he headed straight for a crucial game between his team and their main rival team.  He was cleared to play the match, and went on to score several winning goals, which took the team to the next round of the championships. PRAISE GOD for healing!!

 May 2011

I've been attending Gateway for several years and have also been going to the Healing Rooms for prayer. God has miraculously healed me of many ailments through these years. One such ailment which I continued to suffer from was diabetes. My glucose levels at one point reached the 500 mark requiring me to administer insulin injections on a sliding scale. As a result of the diabetes I developed an ulcer on my great toe. I was receiving treatment for the ulcer for two years and at one point the Dr. wanted to amputate my toe. Instead of doing this he removed only a small portion of the infected bone. That was a month ago. I went back for my follow up visit to the surgeon and I was given the good news that it was totally HEALED! Blood was also drawn at this time and my primary doctor informed me that I am now NO LONGER A DIABETIC!! THANK YOU JESUS!!(BN)


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